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Precision Curb Cutting for the San Bernardino, CA, Area

Also Serving Riverside, Los Angeles & Ontario, CA


The Garrett Concrete Curb Cutting System is revolutionary. It takes the challenge out of installing driveway approaches, wheelchair ramps, and access ways in existing curbs. It replaces the traditional "remove and replace" method, which can take days of expensive labor intensive construction to complete.


The Garrett Curb Cutting System is a high speed, hydraulically controlled, automated curb cutting system that makes installing driveway ramps and access ways in existing curbs quick, easy and dead accurate. It replaces the traditional, old fashion, "remove and replace" method of ramp installation with an automated cutting machine.


A single operator drives the curb cutting equipment to the site. In minutes the hydraulically controlled saw is lowered in place and the cutting begins. In about 1 hour, the job is complete. The integrity of the original membrane surface and joints of the curb, gutter and street remain intact and structurally sound and complete as when the job began.


The finished ramp and adjoining street surface is not compromised. There are no new seams or cracks to the adjoining curb and street. No trenching takes place that can result in sinkholes. And no pavement patching is necessary, so there are no recurring costs associated with street maintenance. Best of all, the work is done on the backside of the curb so there is no street side liability.




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